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Below you'll find a list of our most popular itineraries, sorted in ascending order by number of days required for each.

Keep in mind that any of these trips can be altered to suit your needs or wants—just contact us if you want to learn more.

4 Days: Intro to Bhutan

The perfect intro the Bhutan for those that have just enough time for a short layover trip. This 4 day/3 night introduction to the country is centered around the Paro and Thimphu regions, where you will visit the giant Buddha Dordenma, Tashichho Dzong (fortress), Dupthop Lhakhang nunnery, cultural museums, traditional craft workshops, and more.

8 Days: Western Bhutan

A full one-week trip encompassing the major sites of western Bhutan, from Paro to Gangtey and back. We'll take you on an overland journey from Paro to Thimphu to Punakha valley via the Dochula Pass, and head from there to Gangtey via Wangdue. Gangtey is the winter home of the famed black-necked cranes, which we will learn about (and perhaps even see if you happen to visit in the winter).

10 Days: Jhomolhari Trek

One of the most accessible trekking itineraries offered, the Jhomolhari (also known as the Chomolhari) route starts right by Paro (where you fly into Bhutan) and continues on for seven days through north-west Bhutan's rugged peaks. This is suitable for novice to intermediate trekkers, and consists of an average of six hours of mostly medium-intensity hiking per day.

10 Days: Jhomolhari + Soi Yaksa

This alternative Jhomolhari route—also known as Jhomolhari 2, or the Jhomohari Loop—is less strenuous as it skips the long climb up to Lingzhi, yet still allows you to see the summits of Jhomolhari and Jichu Drakye up-close. We'll start in Paro, and make our way up to Jhomolhari Base Camp over a series of days, returning via passes that offer views of multiple beautiful mountain lakes.

12 Days: Rodang La Trek

Following along an ancient trading route stretching from Bumthang to Lhuntshi, the Rodang La trek is a medium-difficulty adventure through the eastern parts of Bhutan. Starting in central Bhutan you'll pass through alpine and bamboo forests, meadows, mountain passes, villages, and temples on the way to your ultimate destination of Trashiyangtse in the east.

12 Days: Cultural Tour + Trek

A great mix of adventure and culture, this 12 day itinerary allows you time to explore some light hiking in addition to seeing the major sites of the country. We'll start off in the west, in Paro and Thimphu, and then continue from there eastward, towards Bumthang, and then looping back to Gangtey and Phobjikha to start our three day/two night trek to Tikke Zampa.

13 Days: Full Tour of Bhutan

This itinerary allows enough time to explore all of the sights of western and central Bhutan without rushing it. We'll start off in the Thimphu area and make our way east towards the Bumthang valley, the cultural heartland of Bhutan. We'll finish in and around Paro, visiting the Drukgyal Dzong, Ta Dzong museum, and Rimpung Dzong.

17 Days: Laya & Lingshi Trek

An extended version of the Jhomolhari trek, the Laya & Lingshi trek takes you through a diverse ecosystem full of the endemic flora and fauna of Bhutan. This will be your best way to see animals such as blue sheep, the takin, and the blue poppy—the national flower. We'll also encounter the Layaps, a nomadic tribe that lives in the northern mountains we'll be traversing.

18 Days: West Meets East

Explore the mysterious lands of eastern Bhutan, a much less touristed area of the country renowned for its majestic scenery, handicrafts, temples, and local tribes. Starting in the west of the country, we'll make our way overland all the way to the easternmost areas of the country, rarely visited by outsiders. Along the way we'll have the opportunity for some light hiking, allowing you the best views of the mountains and forests throughout the region.

30+ Days: The Snowman Trek

The ultimate trekking experience, on par with Everest or anything else you can find throughout the world. For experienced hikers, the Snowman Trek is a combination of two shorter treks—the Jhomolhari route and the Laya route—and passes through the Lunana and Nikkachu regions. The trek passes breathtaking landscapes, crossing eight passes and reaching top elevation of about 18,480 ft/5,600 m.

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