A Country Unlike Any Other...

We began Bhutan Trips as a way to showcase the very best Bhutan has to offer—in a sustainable, responsible, fun way.

Founder Chimi Dorjee welcomes you to Bhutan!

As one of the most experienced tour professionals in Bhutan, Chimi created Bhutan Trips in order to share the experiences and culture that he loves most about his country. Whether you are here for three days or thirty, we'll make sure that every day is an amazing one.

Chimi employs his years of experience
to provide you with the trip of a lifetime.

Chimi Dorji is the primary Trip Leader as well as Founder and Director of Bhutan Trips. Specialized in expeditions concerning traditional indigenous cultures, trekking, and adventure travels, he has over twenty-three years of experience working on assignment with many of the leading travel, tourism, and media organizations throughout the world.

The son of a Bhutanese military officer, Chimi studied in India at a Military School and then attended college from a very young age through a scholarship from Bhutanese government. Soon after Bhutan received the first television signals in 1999, Chimi entered the field of tourism and has been a recognized expert in trekking and cultural tourism ever since.


  • Assisted multiple TV documentaries for the BBC and others.
  • Led dozens of trekking expeditions into the Bhutanese Himalayas.
  • Member of the Bhutanese Tourism Board.
  • Licensed guide since 2002. Started Bhutan Trips in 2011.

The Bhutan Trips Team

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